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Windows Vista User Interface Design

If you haven't seen the Windows Vista site I think you should have a look. I'm quite impressed with it. For a moment I was quite excited at seeing a strong design used with tableless layout. What was a shame was that the site failed to validate. It wouldn't take much effort to get the site through the validator either.

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Vista Aero

Microsoft are announcing a new UID called ‘Aero’. This is perhaps not the best choice of name in the UK as Aero is a well loved chocolate bar famous for its bubbles.

The design looks good from the screenshots and it is pleasing that Microsoft are addressing an area where they were / are underperforming. It is pretty clear that Microsoft are attacking Apple head on for the user experience and graphical interface.

Aero Mint

I’ve mentioned before that I think some of the design from Vista is very close to Apple motifs. The screenshots for Vista are no different and I wonder whether there are any Apple lawyers rubbing their hands? Look at the Aero thumbnail for example. Where have we seen that before? An Apple wallpaper perhaps? Then there is the menu system. To me it seems like it has been neatly lifted from Apple’s Aqua design style. It will be interesting to see whether there is any response from Apple.

Windows is the most widely used operating system so it is great that the browser and the UID are getting an upgrade. I just wonder whether Microsoft have mimicked their closest rival a little too closely for comfort?

Vista Aqua

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