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Vienna - A Great Free Mac Newsreader

I have been looking around for a good Newsreader for the Mac for a while now. There are many out there on the market. Here's a quick overview

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This looks really good and has a really good interface and includes an integrated audio player for listening to Podcasts. That’s all great but I use iTunes for listening to Podcasts. Cost $17.99

The Safari web browser now comes with RSS integration. After using it for a while it is good but not really for me. Cost Free

This would seem to be the market leader (I don’t know this). Apart from the logo this also looks like a great little client. It does everything that Newsfire does and comes in at a still reasonable price. Cost $29.95

This wins for me. A simple uncluttered interface and an in-built browser make this a breeze. It does everything I want it to do allowing me to read stories quickly and easily. It is like the RSS reader that Tiger never had. What’s more amazingly it is free. Cost Free.

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