Mac Browser Love-in

Although I love Firefox for Mac I can't deny that it is very slow compared to other browsers. After reading of the adventures of the Mac browser pimp Jon Hicks I decided to experiment a bit more in my browser usage. Where did I end up? Well in a multitude of places with multiple browsers open!

Safari is great but there are a number of things it doesn’t do. Coupled with the fact that many plugins (including Flash) are not yet formally released for Universal Binary it isn’t quite everything I want. I found this page on browser speeds for the mac which has some interesting results. Camino is not bad and Opera would seem to be the Daddy.

So what am I using at the moment?


For development I’m sticking with Firefox. Apart from the dreadful moment when you have to test in Internet Explorer (I do that on a windows machine) it has everything I need.

For browsing I’m using Camino. I’ve found it to be very fast and there are some great plugins available via Pimpmysafari.


I’m also flirting with Safari which is of course an old stalwart and have even been on a few dates with Opera.

If Firefox can get the speed sorted on a Mac I’d probably marry Firefox but until then I am happy to have mistresses all over the browser world.


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