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Using the iPhone alarm

Coming from a Nokia I found it frustrating that you can't completely turn an iPhone off at night and be woken by the alarm. Thankfully there is a workaround.

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The problem

Like everything on the iPhone, the alarm looks amazing. But the one problem is that it doesn’t work when the iPhone is completely switched off. You need to leave the iPhone in sleep mode. Sleep mode accepts incoming calls and texts as well as continuing to check for emails. Unless you go through and change your sound settings you’ll be woken in the night by emails and texts. This seems a bit of an oversight to me and something I certainly miss about my old Nokia.

The solution

Although this really could do with a proper fix you can workaround the problem by turning on Airplane Mode. You’ll find this in Settings at the top of the menu.

Airplane Mode on the iPhone

Turn this on and it disables networking and bluetooth so the phone won’t be able to check emails or connect to the network. This means you won’t get woken up in the night by emails, SMS messages or phone calls.

You still have to remember to turn Airplane Mode off in the morning but until there is a better solution other than buying yourself an alarm clock this will do!

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