I don't sell sheds!

About once a month someone contacts me trying to place an order for a shed. A real shed that you can sit in. For once and for all I want to say I don't sell sheds..

Just a pseudonym

When I started freelancing I thought it would be good idea to trade under a pseudoym. Most of the domain names for the great ideas that I came up with were already taken so in the end I settled on Shape Shed. Not a great one but catchy enough and the .com domain was available. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine the fun that this would bring me from the World Wide Web.

Within a few days I had a website up and running and I was trading. Great. My site was full of information about how great my web design skills were and why you would want to hire me. It had nothing on me selling sheds. But every once and a while I would get enquiries like:

My name is Mr.Roger Rene and i have contact you regarding some of Shed. Below is the size’s that am Intrested.

(SHED) (Vinyl Coated Steel Finish) Size:10’ x 14’ Shed color:vinyl siding Or The (Horse Barn Shed Row) 10’ x 28’ shown with optional stain and painted trim 10’ x 11’ stalls and 6 x 10’ tack room 10’ or 12’ wide up to 40’ long custom built

Interesting. Perhaps somewhere on my site I had a made a typo that said I actually did sell sheds. I checked but there was no mention and still they kept coming:

Dear Owner/Sales Manager,

My name is Mr Mark Vam with the mark & Company Inc And i am sending this email to your business in regards to the order for some SHED and the Sizes that i am looking for are :16 x 10 Apex SHED and please can you send me an email reply back with the price of each that plus tax without shipping

Sorry Mark - no sheds here. Of course I replied politely saying I was a web designer and had no sheds to sell . Short of putting a massive banner on top of my site saying “!! NO SHEDS HERE !!” I’m not sure what I could have done.

Three years later

Three years on and the business has established nicely and the site shows a full portfolio and a blog. All about web design. But still they come..

Hello owner My Name is Mr Eddie Brown i want to order of a shed and i want to if u have this types .Tuff Sheds. 12 x 10. can u give me the price of that shed okay. i will be wait to hear from u soon . thank u very have a nice day.

Thank you Eddie. I hope you have a nice day too.

From the rooftops

For once and for all I want to put it on record that I do not sell sheds. I have no plans to sell sheds. I don’t make sheds, nor do I live in a shed as some would have you believe. Got it!?


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