Internet Explorer 7

I've been testing out the new Internet Explorer 7 Beta for a while now and I must say that most if not all of it is very good. For a start the security is much better but as a designer I can't get over the quality of the rendering. It is near Mac like in quality.

From the perspective of things looking good it certainly performs very well. It also seems to be very good at interpreting CSS. This will raise some (un)happy dilhemas for web developers who have produced numerous workarounds for the not so great IE 6. Once this browser is rolled out web developers will have to account for legacy versions of Internet Explorer displaying things poorly and IE 7 doing it near perfectly. This could lead to some tricky action in stylesheets.

Granted the Internet Explorer team have taken on board many of the things already in Firefox:

But they should be commended for fixing many of the things that were very wrong with IE 6, for improving security and for the razor sharp rendering. There are still a few bugs around but that’s to be expected and I’m sure they will be ironed out before formal release. So from my perspective it looks like a really good browser and Microsoft should be congratulated for a change. Its fashionable to knock Microsoft but this browser will be a giant step forward for web developers and users alike.


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