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Illustrator 101 - The Twirl Tool

The twirl tool is a great tool that can make complex and eye-catching objects in no time. Here's one way to use it.

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Here’s what we are going to get to. It is a simple wallpaper design.

Twirl Tool Preview

With the Twirl Tool the effect is very simple.

Using the twirl tool

Simply draw a circle on the canvas and then select the Twirl Tool. This is tucked away within the Warp Tool.

Finding the Twirl Tool

Hover over the edge of the circle and then click and hold. The longer you hold your click the more the shape will twirl. You will see a Twirl created on the edge of the circle like this:


Repeat the process over and over and you start to build up complex shapes. To vary the options double click on the tool in the toolbar. You will see this:

Twirl Tool Options

This allows you to control the twirl and how big it is and at what angle it is drawn. Play around with the options - sometimes it can look really bad but other times you will get it right.

If you select multiple objects on the canvas you can twirl them together - the tool will blend the shapes for you.

Multiple Twirls

So in no time you can create something like this.

Twirl Tool Preview

If you’d like to have the desktop you can get a copy for your screen resolution below:

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