ExpressionEngine 2 add-on status

An overview of the compatibility of my ExpressionEngine add-ons for the 2.0 release

After the mighty Brandon Kelly and the ever talented Lodewijk Schulte announced their roadmaps for add-ons here is mine.

Mostly ported

The good news is that the majority of my plugins have already been ported to EE 2.0 and will be available on launch date. You’ll find the 2.0 ready versions tagged as 2.x.x in the github repositories. 1.6.x releases are still available as 1.x.x tags on the download page.

Add-on Status
Copyright Converted
File Oracle Converted
Friendly 404 Converted
Human Filesize Converted
Twit-ee February 2010
Weight Converter Converted
CKEditor Discontinued. I suggest using Wygwam.


Twit-ee is a bigger add-on and I would like to devote further time to the add-on before releasing it for EE2.0. I have thought long and hard about whether to charge for Twit-ee and I have decided that for EE2.0 I will begin charging for this add-on. This will allow me to add more features and provide proper support for users.

My goal is to add a full feature set for the features available in the API and to produce an enterprise level add-on that will fully integrate Twitter with ExpressionEngine. Pricing will be announced nearer the time. EE 1.6.x users can continue to use the free 1.6.x version but support and development (other than critical bug fixing) will cease at the 1.4 release.


For free add-ons these continue to come with no support, but anyone is welcome to fork and develop the free add-ons under the terms of their licenses.

Exciting times ahead

I’m really excited by the pending arrival of ExpressionEngine 2.0 and with that the arrival of many, many talented developers from the CodeIgniter community.


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