Expression Engine 1.6

The release of ExpressionEngine 1.6 is imminent. To celebrate ExpressionEngine are having a competition. Here's my entry.

ExpressionEngine is an off the shelf Content Management System with a small price tag but with a long list of features. I’ve used it for many projects now and have found it to be an excellent and flexible piece of software. The next release is 1.6 and features a new multi-site manager, allowing multiple sites to be run from a single install.

My entry

EE are running a competition to win a copy of the multi-site manager so here’s my entry with apologies to Rodin. If you’d like to enter the competition to you can find out about it here.

Rick Ellis
Rick Ellis

New features in EE 1.6

EE 1.6 will see the introduction of a multi-site manager allowing more than one site to be managed from one install. You can read about the forthcoming release here.

Hold your breath

Although no time frames are given EE2.0 is on the horizon with an ecommerce module rumoured to be one of the main features.


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