Encryption climate shows the value of Open Source

The Snowden revelations have thrown the surveillance climate wide open and some have suggested that the behaviour of the NSA has broken the web’s security model for everyone.

At the 30th Chaos Communication Congress [30c3] Nadia Heninger, djb and Tanja Lange delivered a brilliant talk about The Year in Crypto. Although there are some very technical sections I highly recommend that you watch it.

They cover a lot here.

Where open source wins

In this talk it is clear that Commercial encryption software has become generally less secure in the current climate. The strength of open source encryption is that because it is open source many developers can review the code and find any backdoors that anyone is trying to add.

Better Encryption

The bettercrypto.org site has a paper outlining practical ways to improve the way you use crypto both personally and in the software you create. It has recommendations and configuration for major web servers and best practice for using software.

If you are developing software for the web or value your privacy you should read it.


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